I'm Kelly.

I'm a mum, a wife and a lover of sparkles and a bit like superwoman some days (well i think so!)
I DIG coffee . design . friends . summer . sand between my toes . eating . running . my daughters giggle . the sound of the surf . a sun kissed tan . my family . wine . jeans . nora robert books . house music . london . nice bed linen & photography … I SOOO love photography.
I was also born with a lung and digestive disease 'Cystic Fibrosis' and while CF doesn't define who i am it has helped give me an extreme passion and drive to be successful in everything I attempt to do. (those are the super woman days i was talking about)
I dig natural / fun / whimsical / bright and happy images that tell your story.
Those photos that don't look like your trying - a simple editing style - and that smile you get when you look at them which gives you a tickley spine.



I'm a Hamilton / Tauranga (Waikato /Bay Of Plenty) based natural light photographer.



If you are interested in my work you can find me on Facebook.

I am available for Wedding Photography, Newborn Photography, Maternity Photography, Family Photography, Portrait Photography.

I love to travel but I am based here : Tauranga Wedding Photographer, Hamilton Wedding Photographer, Bay of Plenty Photographer, Waikato Wedding Photographer, Auckland Wedding Photographer, New Zealand Wedding Photographer.